Moon on the Road

A Poetic Clown Performance


Concept ad realisation: Ravil Sultanov and Nataša Sultanova

Director: Ivan Peternelj

Co-production: Bufeto Institute and Mladinsko Theatre

Premiere: 29 September 2012

For viewers of 4 and over


Moon on the Road is a nostalgic performance about a forgotten clown who wanders empty city streets at night.

People have long since forgotten about clowns, laughter and mirth. Because he no longer has work, the clown rambles around and rummages rubbish bins for food. In a deserted street, he notices a faded, torn poster that reminds him of the glitter of the circus where he used to perform. The moon peeks from behind a cloud …

Or, as Ivan Peternelj, the director of the performance, says: “Theatre is a black hat of a magician. The performance Moon on the Road is a nostalgic miniature for two clowns. A tramp clown and a moody bohemian girl clown meet when the full moon reigns over the night, shedding mysterious dust falls, dust that enchants everyone and makes them act silly. Clowns are unpredictable and complicated creatures and thus silly twists occur: all quite illogical, insensible and incomprehensible. But clowns know how to deal with this, just as every child is right in her or his own perception of the world. Long live clowns, tears and laughter.”


Ravil Sultanov -
Nataša Sultanova -
  show all credits  
Ravil Sultanov
Nataša Sultanova

Ivan Peternelj

Visual concept, costume and props design
Barbara Stupica

Set design
Sandi Mikluž

Nino Rota

Lighting design
Matjaž Brišar

Sound design
Silvo Zupančič

Stage manager
Janez Pavlovčič

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