Oliver Frljić

Damned be the traitor of his homeland!

Director: Oliver Frljić


In his original project with the title Damned be the traitor of his homeland! Oliver Frljić radically approaches love and hatred towards theatre, surrendering both the actors as well as the viewers to the intertwinement of madness and pain.

The actors produce a scathing, disturbing, sometimes even shocking performance. They use wartime and political traumas to ask universal questions: about the boundaries of artistic and social freedom, individual and collective responsibility, tolerance and stereotypes.

The theatrical framework of this laboratory is provided by stories from the break-up of the former Yugoslavia; the title comes from the last verse of the national anthem of this now defunct country.


 Award for for the courage in development of the genre of political theatre, International Festival on New Theatre, Omsk, Russia (2013)

 Award for outstanding collective creation
 Award for best young actor to Uroš Kaurin at the Maribor Theatre Festival (2010).



Primož Bezjak -
Olga Grad -
Uroš Kaurin -
Boris Kos -
Uroš Maček -
Draga Potočnjak -
Matej Recer -
Romana Šalehar -
Dario Varga -
Matija Vastl -
Blaž Šef -
Gregor Zorc - (vskok)
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Assistanto to director and movement consultant
Matjaž Farič

Oliver Frljić

Borut Šeparović
Tomaž Toporišič

Light technician
Tomaž Štrucl

Light designer
Oliver Frljić
Tomaž Štrucl

Sound designer and technician
Silvo Zupančič

Tina Malič

Oliver Frljić

Set and costume design, music selection
Oliver Frljić

Stage manager
Urša Červ

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