Premiere 2014/15

Neda R. Bric

Nora Gregor – the Hidden Continent of Memory
Director: Neda R. Bric
Hero 1.0

A project concieved by Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weiss
David Mamet

Glengarry Glen Ross

Director: Vito Taufer
Draga Potočnjak

All the Heroes Counted

Director: Branko Potočan
Boštjan Videmšek

Rok's Depth

Director: Matjaž Pograjc
Jean Genet

The Balcony

Director: Diego de Brea

In the season 2012/2013 our theatre flirts with intimacies, this often concealed chapter of our existence. When trying to articulate publicly what is mostly left unspoken, we often encounter resistance that accompanies breaking the taboos. We try not to understand different forms of intimacy, which we called intimacies, in a narrow sense, as the erotic-sexual personal relationship, but as a metaphor for important relationships that strongly influence an individual's perception of life, for example, a romantic relationship, a relationship within a couple, family relationship, friendship …

The history of humankind is the history of community, individuals, and relationships between them. The history of humankind is at the same time also the history of frictions between the traditional and the new that change the rules and values in the game of life.
Our new season isn't a flight from the socially engaged theatre, it is merely a view of the society through a different prism. Last year we were interested in the intimacy of the political, this year we're in front of another challenge: the politicalness of intimacy. Our entire artistic ensemble is taking this path together with Ivana Djilas, Diego de Brea, Oliver Frljić, Vito Taufer, Matjaž Farič and András Urbán.

We're inviting you to enrich your intimate experience by visiting us, because the relationship between the stage event and you, our spectator, can be an unforgettable intimacy.

Uršula Cetinski,
General director