Slovenian Songs

A theatre concert based on lyrics by Gregor Strniša


Director: Matjaž Pograjc

Co-produced by Training, Occupation and Care Centre Draga

Première: October 2017


Poet and playwright Gregor Strniša is one of the most acclaimed 20th-century Slovenian authors, renowned for his highly metaphysical poetry and poetic plays. His poems, exploring magically interconnected multiple universes, have been translated into almost twenty languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. Nevertheless, he gained wide recognition only in the later years of his life and after his death. As a young man, he made a living as a songwriter. He approached the craft somewhat reluctantly, but he never sunk into banality and he authored lyrics for many Slovenian pop songs that are considered classics today.
Matjaž Pograjc, who describes Strniša’s work as “poetry for voice”, aims to build a theatre monument to the man who proved that songs can be art and that pop can be good music. In the process, he will try to find beauty in unexpected places. This time he will venture into (in Slovenia still uncharted) territory of disabled theatre and bring together Mladinsko actors and intellectually challenged, autistic or brain-injured musicians, singers and dancers.


Atifa Džaferović -
Urška Gorše -
Borko Horvat -
Sabina Hudorovac -
Željko Hrs -
Nika Ivančić -
Tine Jorgačevski -
Klara Kastelec -
Tatjana Konte -
Zdravko Kosič -
Andreja Lazar -
Janja Majzelj -
Jurica Marčec -
Maruša Oblak -
Ivan Peternelj -
Blaž Pirman -
Eva Pirnat -
Peter Prokofjev -
Blaž Šef -
Eva Troha -
  show all credits  
Author of lyrics and poems
Gregor Strniša

Matjaž Pograjc

Training, Occupation and Care Centre Draga professional staff
Dolores Turičnik, Aleš Ravnik, Irena Stergar Remškar, Jure Čehovin, Žiga Bižal, Zdenka Virant, Vitomirka Markovič, Tea Finžgar Plavčak, Barbara Hegedüš, dr. Valerija Bužan (direktorica)

Set designer
Tadeja Ažman

Costume designer
Neli Štrukelj

Branko Potočan


Diego Barrios Ross

Luka Dekleva

Lighting Design
David Cvelbar

Sound designer
Silvo Zupančič

Make-up artist
Tina Prpar

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Assistant director
Kristina Mihelj

Assistant set designer
Tjaša Kimovec

Stage manager
Urša Červ

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