Svetlana Makarovič – Jure Novak

Dog and Pony Show


Director: Jure Novak

Première: 24 September 2017

Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture


Domesticated animals and the animals from the southern wild meet at the wire fence. They monitor each other suspiciously. Where did the hen disappear? Will the cockatoo save the day? Does the elephant need a medical intervention? What exactly do snails do in their free time?

Many generations of Slovenian parents and children have Svetlana Makarovič’s poems ringing in their ears and inciting their creativity. Makarovič adopts difference, otherness and foreignness as her central themes; themes which in our time are unfortunately once again becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we have revived them and brought them together in Dog and Pony Show, a concert performance of a selection of Svetlana’s poems for children. Musician Uroš Buh has provided contemporary arrangements for them, and the excellent vocalists from the Mladinsko Theatre have lent their voices. They have woven the poems with a tale that introduces children to the burning topics of the world surrounding us and encourage thoughts about the questions of connection and accepting difference.


Damjana Černe -
Anja Novak -
Ivan Peternelj -
Blaž Šef -
Uroš Buh - musician (guitar, vocal)
Jošt Drašler - musician (double bass, bass guitar)
Vid Drašler - musician (drums, percussions)
Rok Šinkovec - musician (keyboard, accordion, vocal)
Matjaž Ugovšek - musician (guitar, vocal)
Nace Kogej - musician (saxophone)
  show all credits  
Svetlana Makarovič
Jure Novak

Directed by
Jure Novak

Musical arrangements
Uroš Buh

Video animation and set design
Leon Vidmar

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Stage manager
Gašper Tesner

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