Radio Slovenija

7 May 2009

With Eda – the Rusjan Brothers Story [the author and director Neda Rusjan Bric] delves not only into the history of the Primorska region, but also into the history of her own family, the Rusjans. [The history of the] Famous brothers, Josip, the airplane constructor, and Edvard, the well-known first aviator. […] However, the decisive and interesting part of the performance is the superstructure: the inclusion of the Rusjan brothers' story into a film of their young relative Eda and her search for the traces of her famous ancestors, the search that is not merely nostalgia or genealogical curiosity, but above all a search for self in the relation to a dominant mother, or, even more so, the search for that divine spark of creativity, courage, perseverance that touched the Rusjan brothers, and that Eda would want for herself. The non-aggressive, thoughtful intertwining of the film with the performance onstage creates two paths of research leading from the outside inwards: from the glory of the first aviator to his relationship to his brother; and from the making of a film about illustrious ancestors to family relationships. These are the dualities, the dilemmas that the performance opens, subtly, through different media, placing in front of the audience an extraordinary web of times and people within these times who remain always the same with their fundamental life questions.

Tadeja Krečič

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