A goody bag

In addition to the performances, we offer you an abundance of publications and collectibles.

Those of you interested in the history of our theatre and the texts upon which our performances are based are invited to dive into the collection of books, on offer. Those interested in the wider context of individual performances are invited to leaf through our theatre programmes. Fans of individual performances will be pleased to own recordings of shows, soundtrack CDs and posters.


  • Has the Future Already Arrived?, monograph about the Mladinsko Theatre, available in Slovenian or English version - 29.90 EUR
  • Stane Bernik: Vipotnik’s poster (exhibition catalogue) - 10 EUR
  • Peter Božič: Šumi - 14.45 EUR
  • Sarah Kane: Skomine (Crave) - 11 / 9.50 EUR
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini: Amado mio - 13 / 9.50 EUR



  • 2  EUR


  • 1 EUR