The Republic of Slovenia

On the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence

Co-production: Slovensko mladinsko gledališče and Maska Ljubljana

Première: 20 April 2016


All the authors of the performance will remain anonymous. In this context, the individual simply isn’t important. What is important is the state(ment).


This is a performance The Republic of Slovenia. In it, a retired intelligence officer tells a story about counting millions, then six important men ponder the fate of Slovenia which is turning into a mafia state, then six important men, presidents and ministers play with arms and human destinies around the round table, and finally a group of soldiers takes on a spy. This is a performance The Republic of Slovenia. It has been running for twenty-five years and it has been produced with your money. And all this time you have been – as an extra or as a big player – its part.

Three situations from the time after the independence, when we were living a collective story of success, while somewhere in the background completely different things were taking place. Three stories about a hidden piece of recent history we can hardly be proud of: a testimony of an executor of orders, an exact transcript of a debate among those who issued orders, and five versions of the event which in its time was an affair and then grew into a myth and changed a perfectly ordinary name of a perfectly ordinary village into a synonym for something that everybody knows everything about, and at the same time knows nothing, into something about what books are written and words are murmured on street corners. Apparently nothing in it can be deemed apt as truth and reality, which in reality a number of people deem pretty apt.

Inter faeces et urinam nascimur. Birthing is a wonderful and dirty business and the creation of a state is sunk in fog; somewhere between heroism and corruption, between the UN palace and mafia underground, in time when the wisdom and vigour of leaders were put to test. When a man gets power into his hands his true nature shows; this is when he is revealed, one way or another. Some were revealed in one way. Some in another.

To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, the Mladinsko Theatre, one of the most recognisable ambassadors of Slovenian art internationally, has committed itself to look with pride into events which have constituted the state, which have left a crucial imprint of the national fibre and have awakened us as national subjects, as citizens. The theatre is joined by the Maska Institute, founded at the exact same time as the events which made the Republic of Slovenia became the way she is.

Our citizen duty is to look at the post-independence period; at the time when dreams were no longer sufficient or allowed.


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