Draga Potočnjak

The Heart in Hand


Concept and direction: Mare Bulc

Première: 17 June 2014


“I once heard a story full of human warmth and hope, a story about the heart in hand that I will tell you in this performance,” is promised to us by director Mare Bulc. Together with his artistic collaborators, he will deal with transplantations, organ donation, donors and recipients. He is interested in the sunny side of donation, in the everyman whose donation is the act by which they show that they are simply larger than life itself. “Solidarity! Hope! Respect! Humanity! This is the world that inspires me!” says the director.

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like if you caressed your cheek with somebody else´s hand? How would you feel somebody else´s kidney inside yourself? How would you feel the beating of somebody else´s heart in your chest? Some do not ask such questions because they live them.

Have you ever wondered who these people are? Where are these people? How do they look like? Are they different from you? The first and the second ones, recipients and donors? They are so (in)separately connected and so (in)definitely separated from one another.

With contributions by the performers and fragments from the book A History of the Heart by Richard Lewinsohn - Morus (translated by Cvetko Zagorski).



Alida Bevk -
Neda R. Bric -
Daša Doberšek -
Ivan Godnič -
Janja Majzelj -
Sandi Pavlin -
Ivan Peternelj -
Draga Potočnjak -
Matej Recer -
Stane Tomazin -
Matija Vastl -
Romana Šalehar -
  show all credits  
Draga Potočnjak

Concept and direction
Mare Bulc

Composers and performers of music
Polona Janežič, Irena Preda

Set designer
Damir Leventić

Costume designer
Elena Fajt

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Ivan Peternelj

Lighting designer
Matjaž Brišar

Sound designer
Marijan Sajovic

Assistant costumographer
Mateja Fajt

Stage manager
Janez Pavlovčič

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