Radio Slovenija

21 September 2015

The Absurd Darkness is a [radio] drama moulded into a lucid collage that opens many topics. From the Somali pirates to coltan mines, blue helmets and missions, we’re entering individual stories following two soldiers who, believing they’re executing a crazy officer, travelling up the Hindu Kush River through the primal forest woven from carefully selected images of our civilisation. [...] Director’s process thus reveals [...] a thinking about the possible ways to transfer radio text into the theatre space, with the creative team particularly effectively using the associative power of sound and translating it into the theatre space as some sort of a sound backdrop that doesn’t envelop just the stage but also the auditorium. With this is opens a wide field of imagination.

Saška Rakef


22 September 2015

Although The Absurd Darkness is a radio play which the author – in line with the text, to be honest – has annotated with a somewhat humorous note that in case of stage performance the text will require extensive alterations, the staging follows a clear decision to keep the text as it is, and focuses in particular on creating a sound image (the sound by Tomaž Grom and vocal coach Irena Tomažin). Simultaneous radio play as a complement to the stage one gives the stage event a special note; the foreignness of one artistic form in the other is supported by at times a surrealist journey following the footsteps of a “civilised” man into the heart of the “barbaric” darkness, and above all it emphasises the mediatisation of the narrated reality. [...]
We seem to have seen a model which weaves into the history of humanity the undulation of colonial occupation, wars, submission and enslaving, the destruction of nature and everything human.

Nika Arhar

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