Emil Filipčič and Marko Derganc:





Directed by: Vito Taufer

Co-production: Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče

Premières: 27 March 2016 (Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, Week of Slovenian Drama Opening); 30 March 2016 (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče)


Slamrock is the stuff of which legends are made. The material ones and those merely conceptual. Legends about how, in some now half-lost time, a sense of humour muscled in through a narrow crack in the Slovenian national character and stubbornly infiltrated into our inhospitable soil. Legends about how the “listening evenings” at ŠKUC were once full of people. And about how some boys pulled stones out of the Sava River and schlepped them to Ljubljana in a Renault 4, painted them with fluorescent paint and exhibited them around town and thus enabled Ljubljana inhabitants to take home souvenirs of particular kind.
Slamrock is the glorious heritage of the sublime Slovenian madness from the second half of the deceased twentieth century, to which we must return to remember that we’re not all diligence and servility. In its sanctity we must in times of distress cyclically resurrect it and allow it to make itself available to the newly born generations of Slovenians who have erred from the path and wandered into the tunnel of doubt where the brightest light goes dim. 



Matija Vastl - Ervin Kralj
Blaž Šef - Profesor
Miha Rodman - Eminenca
Vesna Jevnikar - Fanči
Matej Recer - Ludvig
Peter Musevski - Marjan
Dario Varga - Valentinčič
Mojca Partljič k. g. - Mici
Željko Hrs - Strojinc
Uroš Maček - Fric
Stane Tomazin - Pipec
Blaž Setnikar - Sekira
Aljoša Ternovšek - Bomba
Borut Veselko - Kugla
Janja Majzelj - Mati
Anja Novak - Hči
Anže Kristan k. g. - Glasbenik
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Emil Filipčič, Marko Derganc

Vito Taufer

Set design and costume design
Vito Taufer

Marinka Poštrak

Tomaž Toporišič

Aleksander Pešut - Schatzi

Miha Krušič

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Sound designer
Silvo Zupančič

Light designers
Pascal Mérat in Nejc Plevnik

Make-up designer
Matej Pajntar

Video animations and video design
Dušan Ojdanič

Video animations
Samo Lapajne

Director's assitant
Jan Krmelj

Costume designer's assitants
Bojana Fornazarič in Andreja Kovač

Stage managers
Janez Pavlovčič (SMG), Ciril Roblek (PGK)

Projection designers
Yuliya Molina, Gregor Bucik

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