Elfriede Jelinek

Princess Dramas

(Prinzessinnendramen: Der Tod und das Mädchen I – V)
Translators: Urška P. Černe, Anja Uršič, Sandra Baumgartner-Naylor, Lučka Jenčič, Amalija Maček

Directed by: Michał Borczuch

Première: 1 December 2015


Princess Dramas are the missing half of Shakespeare’s histories. The suppressed reality of a girl’s or woman’s more or less feminine experience, the experience of the gender that will forever be tagged as the weaker sex, less interesting and ultimately less justified to be put on stage. The suppressed reality of princesses whom no prince can save, no matter how noble his breeding, how pure his intentions and how orderly his hair. Of girls whose eternal companion, interlocutor and confidante can only be death, regardless of the form in which it appears.

This is a cycle of five monologue miniatures. The heroines are half-mythologised female characters who stem from the fairy tale and media worlds, glazed with Schubert’s piece Death and the Maiden: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ingeborg Bachmann, Sylvia Plath, Jacqueline Onassis and Ms Jelinek herself, a feminist communist with a sophisticated sense of fashion who can hide her gaze with a pair of designer sunglasses, but we will always sense firstly a raised eyebrow behind them, which in sublime Bernhard-like manner tells us that the situation of the world of human things truly is as upside down as it seems at first glance.

The ladies’ theatre of Jelinek brings a little of Heidegger-like juggling with Truth and Beauty, some concealed Brechtian political sharpness, some referencing of Vogue, but above all the awareness that pathologies of small societies are simply crystallised symptoms of the great ones. If a wise lady, using the justification pertinent only to the citizens who show their patriotic love in the form of critical distance, once said that “Austria is a small world, a training ground for the big world” – then what is Slovenia?

With support by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ljubljana

Premiered as a part of Interantional dance CoFestival




Damjana Černe - Jackie, Ingeborg
Daša Doberšek - Trnuljčica, Sylvia
Boris Kos - Lovec, Princ, Fulvio
Janja Majzelj - Ingeborg
Anja Novak - Sneguljčica, Medicinska sestra
Maruša Oblak - Rozamunda, Sylvia
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Elfriede Jelinek

Urška P. Černe, Anja Uršič, Sandra Baumgartner-Naylor, Lučka Jenčič, Amalija Maček

Michał Borczuch

Text adaptation and dramaturgy
Tomasz Śpiewak

Costume and set design
Dorota Nawrot

Dragana Alfirević

Bartosz Dziadosz

Lighting design
Jacqueline Sobiszewski

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Make-up design
Nathalie Horvat

Author of the video
Maruša Oblak

Špela Kopitar

Language consultant's assistant (study)
Katarina Krapež

Adaptation of the translation of Rosamunde
Maruša Oblak

Stage manager
Janez Pavlovčič

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