Radio Slovenija

29 March 2013

This showcase of the universal heritage of mischief doesn’t need the vibrations of the digital, sound-and-light toolbox, as it narrates the staged world of somewhat restrained dynamics with the language of gestures, movement, glances and words. A warm and witty performance of tiny gremlinish manipulations and mischievous happiness enthrals in all aspects, in the actors’ sketches of the characters, revealed by the clever costumes, and it enchants with the communication between the enthralled audience and the actors consumed by the illusion.

Magda Tušar

Parada plesa

2 June 2013

The poetry of Svetlana Makarovič, talking about little Slovenian souls, came to joyous life in her fairy tale about the world of Kuzma the Gremlin on the stage of the Mladinsko, in a dynamic stage animation by the director Matjaž Farič. Svetlana Makarovič, with her rich poetic language, vibrantly colours the images and characters of the grown-ups, while wittily wrapping them into a fairy tale mist, and challenges the thinking world of children, and potentially enlightens an adult who recognises her or himself in the fairy tale mirror thus held out. Her stories about Kuzma the Gremlin are also written this way, aimed at spectators small and big.
[…] Kuzma the Gremlin Gets an Award is a picturesque and diverse fairy tale performance, which director Matjaž Farič has enriched with his characteristic spatial (choreographic) dynamics. The result is an innovative performance which vivaciously illustrates the never-forgotten fairy tale world and which, in its lively drama form, enthrals the youngest and the oldest spectators alike.

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