Examining Communitas

(The Ljubljana Episode)

Ana Vujanović, Saša Asentić

Première: 20 November 2015


Examining Communitas is a hybrid public event at the intersection of theatre performance, choreography, a parlour game and a happening. It takes place in theatre and thus reaffirms its role in the symbolisation of the social. However, the stage here becomes the point in a public space where citizens discuss the essential social questions and in a fictive situation think about the possible future for the society. The event is conceived on the principles of games and simulation that are open for participation from everyone in the audience.

The community in this performance will become a theatre story we’re telling to ourselves about ourselves, and a choreographic performance we carry out without observers.

Considering that each reprise depends on audience participation, each reprise is a unique event (episode) and it emanates from the situation that has developed the previous time, and on the other hand, creates a new series of events with unpredictable results.
The performance ends with a public forum, a discussion on the experience with the participants and the stories we have told together in the process. Because the stories and the social choreography are temporary, changing and depending on ourselves, we have titled the performance Examining Communitas.

The Ljubljana episode will be created in cooperation with the authors of the concept/performance, Ana Vujanović and Saša Asentić, and the actors, dramaturgs and the team of the Mladinsko.

It will be based on the research of the Slovenian society, mechanisms of the socialist community of the past and the neoliberal capitalism today. This will be a symbolic gesture, an appeal to participation in decision-making and the demand for civic, social hygiene.

In the season 2015/16 we will reprise it regularly and develop it together with the audience.


Ana Vujanović in Olga Dimitrijević / Blaž Šef in Katarina Stegnar - The Others
Boris Radujko in Saša Asentić / Dragana Alfirević in Stane Tomazin - Up and Down, Then Up and Again Down of the Workers’ Self-Management
Ivan Godnič in Draga Potočnjak - Collective Intelligence Test
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Ana Vujanović in Saša Asentić

Textual proposal
Ana Vujanović

Choreographic proposal
Saša Asentić v sodelovanju z Ano Vujanović, Christine De Smedt in Olivero Kovačević-Crnjanski

občinstvo in moderatorji

Ana Vujanović in Olga Dimitrijević / Blaž Šef in Katarina Stegnar (Drugi); Boris Radujko in Saša Asentić / Dragana Alfirević in Stane Tomazin (Vzpon in padec ljudskega samoupravljanja); Ivan Godnič in Draga Potočnjak (Test kolektivne inteligence)

Set design
Nataša Murge Savić in Siniša Ilić

LARP development
Boris Radujko

Collaboration on the research for Ljubljana episode
Dragana Alfirević in Rok Vevar

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