TV Slovenija

24 February 2015

All the Heroes Counted is a clever and witty performance for the youngest audiences, but it will surely entertain older spectators as well.

Marjana Ravnjak

Radio Slovenija

22 February 2016

The performance originally based on word and then efficiently propelled by movement (choreography is the stronger part of the performance) tries to merge different documentary, spiritual, emotional and physical worlds. [T]he performance as a whole is a kind of a test in selected chapters of oral and written heritage, although at times the different languages of the old and new vocabulary are wittily intertwined and create a mess in the heads of double heroes that belong to the playground of history and the playground of the nearby park.

Magda Tušar


25 February 2015

The text by Draga Potočnjak intertwines the experience of growing-up in contemporary society with the reality of the Slovenian folk-tale heroes and their values, while Potočan’s “choreographic direction” adds up to a performatively “tightly wound” bustle of physical and mental limberness.

Nika Arhar


06. 02. 2018

at 11.00


07. 02. 2018

at 10.30