Based on the textual mass by Peter Mlakar



Directors: Janez Pipan and Dragan Živadinov

Visualisation: Zupančič :: Turšič :: Živadinov

Coproduction: Mladinsko Theatre and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture


Première: April 2018




Odilo Globočnik (or Globocnik), known as Globus, was born on 21 April 1904 in Trieste, to a Slovenian family originally from Tržič in the Gorenjska region. He debuted in politics as a visible member of the Austrian Nazi movement in 1922. Globočnik became one of the leading Austrian national socialists and he played a crucial role in the fall of the Austrian government and the Anschluss. Himmler, who was aware that Globočnik’s mercilessness and devotedness to the cause could be valuable, named him SS and police chief for the entire region. He was responsible for the destruction of the ghettos in Warsaw and Białystok, for the forced resettling of the Polish people and for Operation Reinhard – the setting up and control of the entire network of concentration, labour and extermination camps of Bełżec, Sobibór and Treblinka in the Lublin region, in which more than two million Jews and 50,000 Roma were killed. In his final report of the operation, he states that he confiscated from the Jews, in money, precious metals and clothes alone, more than 180 million Reichmarks worth of property. From some reports it is possible to conclude that it was probably Globočnik who proposed the gas chambers to Himmler as a tool of implementing the “Final Solution”.  


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