Bara Kolenc and Atej Tutta

Metamorphoses 4°: Blackholes


Co-produced by: Mladinsko Theatre (Ljubljana), Schauspiel Dortmund, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Ljubljana)

Metamorphoses 4°: Blackholes has been awarded the "Werkauftrag des Theatertreffen Stückemarkts 2016", funded by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (bpb).


Première: March 2018


A black hole is point zero – a point of total destruction on the one hand, and a spring of life, a source of creation on the other hand. It is the impossible condition of the possibility of both the nothingness of anti-matter and the fullness of the universe. Using a black hole as a metaphor, the project discloses the acute reality of the collision of the Western tradition of humanism that has become extremely violent and aggressive and whose collapse into itself we can currently observe in the re-structuring of the positions of power, the status of truth and of ethical values.
Are we today still able to be humane? Are we able to look into another person’s eyes, into the black hole of his pupils without distraction? Are we able to understand the point zero, the metaphysical point of the phenomenon of a black hole in order to transcend the stereotyping and prejudice? What if humanity is not a property of the other but rather just an obscene self-justification? What if humanity is not an emphatic gaze into a fellow human’s pupil of the eye, but a radical confrontation with the possibility that the eye of the other is merely a screen reflecting our own dreams, desires and fears? What if a black hole is not somewhere on the other side but rather a rupture within ourselves.



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