Making Don Juan

A project by Tomi Janežič
A work-in-progress production in this season
Première in October 2018


Don Juan is a fictive character, a synonym for a libertine and an unbridled seducer. The character itself comes from an old Seville legend. Its first literary rendition came via Tirso de Molina’s play The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest; the first preserved edition goes back to the year 1630, the very heart of the Spanish Golden Age, the times of Calderón de la Barca and Lope de Vega.
From Spain, the motif quickly spread to Italy, and from there, the Italian theatre families took it to Paris, where they performed on the same stage as Molière’s troupe. It is probable that it was there that the French playwright encountered the character for the first time.
This is the beginning of Don Juan’s march through European literature and his rise to the archetypal status: by the beginning of the 20th century he saw about a hundred literary portrayals, the best-known among which are perhaps Byron’s, Pushkin’s and Mozart’s. From theatre stages and book pages he stepped into music and film, then back between the book covers, encyclopaedias and dictionaries ...
The development of this project will run throughout the season of 2017/18 with work-in-progress showings; it will première in the autumn of 2018.


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