The Man Who Watched the World

Directed by: Žiga Divjak

Première: January 2016


Four decades have passed since the neoliberal ideology, with its mantras about the free markets that would adequately self-regulate practically all the institutional sub-systems of the state and social and political organisms, entered the economic and political map through the economy. In the new globalised world the capitalist spectre has relatively quickly occupied all the territories of social activities and political systems, including education, science and arts. In this depressing global moment, surrounded with the technology of CCTV and security systems, the young director Žiga Divjak and his team pose questions on how to act as an artist in the world for which it seems that the future has been abolished. What place can an artist and art have in it? Or, as a protagonist of the revolution asked in the time of the Red October: “What is to be done?”


Sara Dirnbek -
Ivan Godnič -
Anja Novak -
Gregor Prah -
Katarina Stegnar -
Matija Vastl -
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The texts are written by the creators

Žiga Divjak

Katarina Morano

Set designer
Tina Mohorović

Costume designer
Tina Pavlović

Beno Gec

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Lighting designer
David Orešič

Sound designer
Beno Gec
Marijan Sajovic

Author of the video and slide projection designer
Domen Martinčič

Stage manager
Janez Pavlovčič


24. 03. 2018

at 19.00


08. 04. 2018

at 19.00