The Idiots

(von Trier)

 Directed by: Nina Rajić Kranjac

Première: March 2017


If we wanted to summarise what Lars von Trier’s film The Idiots (1998) is about, it would sound like a description of a theatre experiment, which in a way it is. It’s a game of impersonation, but in the form of a group psychological experiment. A group of adults decides to take the roles of those developmentally challenged individuals that psychology once classified as idiots (persons with an IQ lower than 30). In order to find their “inner idiot”, the experiment led by the project leader Stoffer tasks the members of the collective with a series of external and internal human confrontations, through which they would become cognizant of the limits of different societal norms and remove their inner psychological inhibitions. The cast of The Idiots is exposed to a sort of voluntary psychological dismantling that might even entertain the spectator – until the very final cadres when Trier pulls his usual master “jokers” and when they usually no longer feel like laughing.



Ivan Godnič -
Benjamin Krnetić -
Anja Novak -
Maruša Oblak -
Romana Šalehar -
Blaž Šef -
Stane Tomazin -
Dario Varga -
  show all credits  
Lars von Trier

Nina Rajić Kranjac

Katarina Pejović

Translator of the script
Silvana Orel Kos

Set designer
Urša Vidic

Costume designer
Ljubica Čehovin - Suna

Music selection
Nina Rajić Kranjac

Dragana Alfirević

Lighting designer
Borut Bučinel

Sound designer
Marijan Sajovic

Stage manager
Urša Červ

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