Bush Moukarzel

Human Error

Translation to Slovenian: Barbara Skubic

Also included are texts written by the actors.


Directed by: Matjaž Pograjc


Première: 12 December 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard of the Air Mladinsko flight to Fargo. On our way to Fargo we will fly over the Alps, Paris, London and Burren and continue over the Atlantic Ocean. We will be flying at an altitude of 11.000 meters. During the flight, which will take exactly 90 minutes, we expect good weather. At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened. Please, respect the “no smoking” signs. Captain Matjaž Pograjc and members of the crew wish you a pleasant flight. Thank you.  


Željko Hrs - The Head of Airline Company
Janja Majzelj - Investigator
Damjana Černe - A Counsellor
Boris Kos - An Office Cleaner
Primož Bezjak - Flight Captain
Klara Kastelec - Flight Attendant
Vito Weis - Flight Attendant
Ivan Peternelj - A slovenian Investigator
Uroš Kaurin - An Irishman who might or might not be an Investigator
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Bush Moukarzel

Barbara Skubic

Matjaž Pograjc

Dramaturgical collaborator
Katarina Stegnar

Set designers
Tomaž Štrucl in Sandi Mikluž za Estrihe in omete

Costume designer
Mateja Benedetti

Silence (Boris Benko in Primož Hladnik)

Branko Potočan

Video Designer
Luka Dekleva

3D modelling and animation
Aleš Emlyn Smolej

Matjaž Rebec

Video projections
Dušan Ojdanič

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Lighting designer
David Cvelbar

Sound designer
Silvo Zupančič

Make-up artist
Nathalie Horvat

Stage manager
Urša Červ

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