Directed by: Weronika Szczawińska

Première: April 2017



 On 2 July 1962, the young French director François Truffaut sat down at his desk and wrote a letter to Hitchcock. He suggested a meeting, during which he’d conduct an in-depth interview with the adored master. On the basis of this 50-hour long interview, Truffaut published a book in 1967, which turned the master of genre into the ultimate film artist. In the years after the book was published, Hitchcock became the uncontested artistic hero of the new Hollywood. But the history of the key interpretations of his work doesn't end in the 1960s. The breakthrough of the Ljubljana Lacan School (Žižek, Dolar, Zupančič, Božovič, Salecl, etc.) to the American book market in the 1990s presents a very particular encounter with Hitchcock’s film opus: it lays Lacan’s concepts of psychoanalysis on the famous couch, and sits Hitchcock’s film corpus on the analyst’s chair. So Hitchcock becomes an analyst that can provide the interpretation for Lacan’s complex psychoanalytical concepts, and does it in an extremely entertaining and clear way.  


Primož Bezjak -
Damjana Černe -
Daša Doberšek -
Draga Potočnjak -
Matej Recer -
Katarina Stegnar -
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Text and dramaturgy
Agnieszka Jakimiak

Set and costume design
Katarzyna Leks

Agata Maszkiewicz

Weronika Scczawińska

Dramaturgy and music selection
Piotr Wawer jr.

Tatjana Jamnik

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Sound designer
Silvo Zupančič

Lighting designer
David Cvelbar

Interpreter and prompter
Špela Kopitar

Matjaž Marinič

Make-up artist
Nathalie Horvat

Stage managers
Janez Pavlovčič
Gašper Tesner


07. 04. 2018

at 19.00