9th Theatre Festival Overflight

21–29 May, Ljubljana

Mladinsko Theatre and Glej Theatre


Thursday, 21 May

21:00, Mladinsko – upper hall

The Sea

Concept: Olga Kacjan
Directed by: Natalija Manojlović
première, festival opening

22:00, Mladinsko Club

Opening party

Friday, 22 May

19:00, Mladinsko – lower hall
Jean Genet:

The Balcony

Directed by: Deigo de Brea

20:45, Glej

Katarina on demand

Authors: Katarina Stegnar, Urška Brodar, Jure Novak

Saturday, 23 May

11:00, Daktari

Artist talk

(The Sea, The Balcony, Katarina on demand)

13:00–16.30, Glej

Troika – conference

20:00, Mladinsko – lower hall
Oliver Frljić:

Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!

Directed by: Oliver Frljić

Sunday, 24 May

11:00, Daktari

Artist talk

(Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!)

18:00, Glej

Razor: a duet for a performer and his character

Authors: Sebastjan Starič, Borut Bučinel, Marko Bratuš
Directed and choreographed by: Sebastjan Starič

20:00, Mladinsko – upper hall

Andrej E. Skubic:

Pavla Above the Precipice

Directed by: Matjaž Pograjc

22:00, Mladinsko – lower hall
David Mamet:

Glengarry Glen Ross

Directed by: Vito Taufer

Monday, 25 May

11:00, Daktari

Artist talk

(Razor, Pavla Above the Precipice, Glengarry Glen Ross)

18:00, Glej


Mentors: Ajda Valcl, Marko Bratuš

19:00, Mladinsko – upper hall
Draga Potočnjak:

The Heart in Hand

Conceived and directed by: Mare Bulc

21:00, Mladinsko – lower hall

Hero 1.0

Self-authored project by Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis

Tuesday, 26 May

11:00, Daktari

Artist talk

(The Heart in Hand, Hero 1.0, G2G)

19:00, Glej

Novo mesto – Readymade

An original project inspired by Miran Jarc’s novel Novo mesto
Directed by: Mare Bulc

21:00, Mladinsko – upper hall
Neda R. Bric:

Nora Gregor – the Hidden Continent of Memory

Directed by: Neda R. Bric

Wednesday, 27 May

11:00, Daktari

Artist talk

(Novo mesto – Readymade, Nora Gregor – the Hidden Continent of Memory)

19:00, Glej

Škrip Inc.

Directed by: Jelena Rusjan
Guest performance
Produced by Maska, co-produced by CUK Kino Šiška, in collaboration with Bunker

21:00, Mladinsko – upper hall

Where's the Revolution, Scum?

Directed by: Borut Šeparović
Guest performance
Prduced by Montažstroj and Zagreb Youth Theatre

Thursday, 28 May

21:00, Glej

Katarina on demand

Authors: Katarina Stegnar, Urška Brodar, Jure Novak

Friday, 29 May

19:00, Mladinsko – Old Post Office

Troika Co-productions

21:00, Mladinsko

Artist talk after Troika Co-productions

Thursday, 21 May, to Friday, 29 May


Photo Exhibition


Photos by the participants of Glej Theatre’s workshop on theatre photography
Mentor: Sunčan Stone

All the performances will be surtitled in English (except for The Sea, Troika co-productions, and Nora Gregor which will have Italian and German surtitles).


Mladinsko Theatre main box office
Trg francoske revolucije 5
Weekdays: 12.00–17.30
Saturday: 10.00–13.00

One hour before the performance at the theatre box office at the respective location


All-Festival Early bird Pass
39 € (till 15 April)
45 € (from 16 till 30 April)
50 € (from 1 till 21 May)

One performance: 9 € / 6 €*
Three or more performances: 7 € / 5 €
* students, pensioners

Mladinsko Theatre:
Vitomir Obal
041 730 434

Glej Theatre:

Mladinsko Theatre:
Helena Grahek, head of marketing
01 3004 908, 051 360 400

Glej Theatre:
Rok Avbar, public relations and marketing
031 288 937

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Gledališče Glej
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