26 May 2012
An Artist Will Work Hard and Cheaply

In the […] performance – When I Hear the Word Actor, I Reach for my Wallet – the co-authors, director Marko Bulc and performer Matej Recer, tangibly demonstrated the adaptability and cleverness of a contemporary actor in the insecure market of labour and business opportunities. The performer displayed his proficiency in construction and carpentry, metal work, information technology and even as an amateur composer of synthesised and computer-programmed music (in other words, a large scope from a tradesman to an artist) and, after the work was done, took a shower in the shower stall he built, a bit like Hunter’s modern professor Branestawm, and in passing offered a detailed price list of his services (from 10 to 100 Euros an hour, depending on the tools and knowledge used) to the enthusiastic spectators in the auditorium. He presented himself as a perfect acting-performing Jack of all trades, ideal for the times when the reforms of the ministry of cultural renovation “catch on”.

Slavko Pezdir

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