"When I Hear the Word Actor I Reach for My Wallet"

Co-produced by: Mladinsko Theatre and Glej Theatre

Co-author and director: Marko Bulc

Co-author and performer: Matej Recer

The Performance by Marko Bulc and Matej Recer was premiered at the opening of the 6th Overflight Festival, 24 May 2012


The performance of Marko Bulc and Matej Recer was conceived for the opening of last-year's Overflight Festival, but it soon outgrew its original intention and encored several times, including during the Week of Slovenian Drama. The satirical performance is a humorous response of the two artists to the topical situation of a materialistic world and neoliberal thought imbuing the society. In it, »meagre recognition increases the level of general culture, encourages variety and the transfer of knowledge and prevents the consequences of overspecialization«. In the open market, actors must also find a niche of business opportunities and a possibility to enrich the culture of both themselves and others …

Thanks to
Sandi Mikluž for all the inventions, Boštjan Kljakič Kim for sharing his woodworking knowledge, Matjaž Brišar for making the GSM remote work properly, Tibor Mihelič Syed for showing us how to make music quickly and cheaply, Matej's brother for temporarily renouncing the gadgets used in the performance, ant of course all those to whom the thanks appertains anyway.

"I love when my work makes sense!"


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