Mark Ravenhill

Totally Over You

Director: Vito Taufer

Opening night: 14 September 2007


Totally Over You by the cult author of the British in-yer-face theatre Mark Ravenhill was first performed in 2003 at the National Theatre in London as a part of the NT Connections programme of plays for young people. Inspired by Molière’s Les Précieuses ridicules, which tells the story of four girls who decide to become famous by dating famous men and thus ditch their boyfriends. The four boys, on the other hand, with the help of their friends from the drama club prepare a real surprise, a scenario to ridicule the girls and make them reflect on the consequences of their acts. This “comedy for teenagers” satirically plays with the notion of fame prevalent with teenagers of the East and the West. In the UK Ravenhill's play was performed by teenagers, while at the Mladinsko Vita Tauferja masterly directed adult actors who, helped by a playful translation by Jakoba J. Kende and a music hit by Šaše Lošića portray a wide range of acting registers.

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