Pop TV

2 June 2013

“Three thumbs below navel the things turn quite weird” says the anonymous debauched author of one of the best known Slovenian dirty ditties. This is also the source for the title of the erotic cabaret that enthralled a sold-out house, elicited peals of laughter, particularly the obscenities, which were of great importance for the erotic experience of the Slovenian nation. [...] The performance is full of attractive turns, thus a mutinous, loud polka is followed by a recitation of one of the most scandalous poems, Prešeren’s Dominus vobiscum. [...] as is fit for an erotic cabaret, the long and ingenuous foreplay culminated in the battle cry “Freedom to the libido!” and a wonderfully obscene climax: “Don’t fondle the knee, ‘tis nothing but bones, fondle a bit higher, the pussy’s at home.”

Brane Kastelic

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