Jean Genet

The Maids


Director: Vinko Möderndorfer

Première: 20 September 2013


Jean Genet, controversial French playwright, was not only an intriguing artist, he was also always on a social margin; only between 1937 and 1943, he was sent to prison thirteen times and was deported from five countries. In The Maids, he explores his own situation, i.e. the situation of a man and artist on the social bottom, where maids Claire and Solange belong in relation to Madame and society in general. Three excellent actresses will bring us closer to the play directed by Vinko Möderndorfer: Olga Kacjan, Janja Majzelj and Daša Doberšek.

Solange and Claire are constantly acting the reality, but neither such as it is, nor such as it is supposed to be, but such as it is defined by their fear of the reality. The only certain thing in this beautiful play is just the fact that there is the world where there are maids and there is (or are) Madam(s). The Maids are probably more relevant today than ever before.

After the legendary The Balcony from 1988, this will be only the second encounter with Genet in the history of our theatre.


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