1st October 2011

Creative sensibility of actor Ivan Peternelj has today quite casted anchor in the Slovene theatrical space with his “trips” beyond the usual repertoire policy. Topics which also represent to him a boiling point of inspiration for direction and choreography are within a broader cultural production often characterized as either overseen or as lacking a critical stance. This is not only some kind of outcry of “deprivileged” themes. Besides that, Peternelj´s engagement of contents is throughout marked by strong tendency to explore archetypal, unconscious and dream patterns with which he mediates events as original vademecums of broken consciousness and decentralized rationality. […]

We are initiated into an independent, risky, adventurous and magical journey of the Soul by all three performers (Ivan Peternelj, besides being a storyteller, plays four other roles) with numerous castling of characters, “breaking the rules” of acting (a touch of Wilde´s usual cynicism), simultaneous scene functionalism of displacing locations and suggestive music by Aldo Kumar, which together with projections by Dušan Ojdanič seduce into an additional intangibility and supernaturality of a performed language. The Fisherman and His Soul is a sensitive staging – from the point of view of structural fragmentation as well as complexity of contents – which invites to participation of liberated perception and broad interpretative susceptibility. Meanwhile it non-aggressively but no less critically renews the foundations of complicated encounter of emotions and reason, body and spirit. Just the last formation will, in time, certainly find even a better balance in the context of performing result.

Zala Dobovšek

Radio Slovenija 1

30th September 2011

Wilde´s fairytale and novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, both from 1891, in different genres dramatize an old question: What is the most valuable that the man is willing to sacrifice to fulfil their irresistible tendencies, desires, and ambitions? This is humanity itself, a human soul. A new age pattern is Goethe´s hero Faust who stakes his soul to realize what the world holds in the poles. Dorian Gray denounced his soul on behalf of youth and love. The fisherman cuts it off just to be able to love a mermaid; the heart is enough to dive into love. […] Peternelj has conceived this performance as a combination of a narrative and acted parts in which three protagonists perform through up to five different roles. An installation with a movable module, imaginative costumes and skilful use of light is ascetic, but when staged, it calms down. As a result, this is a poetic, clean and subtle performance which is distinguished especially by the synergy of all its elements and elaborated witty, harmonized play of Tina Vrbnjak, Blaž Šef and Ivan Peternelj. This is an achievement worth a precious tradition of the Mladinsko Theatre.

Dušan Rogelj

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