Oscar Wilde

The Fisherman and His Soul

Directed by: Ivan Peternelj

Première: September 2011

Coproduction of ŠKUC Theatre, Mladinsko Theatre and Zavod Projekt Atol


The Fisherman and His Soul is a tale of beauty, passion, wisdom, wealth, and love. But it is also a story in which beauty, passion, wisdom, wealth, and love flare up in their cruel opposite, in their demonic image.

A fisherman falls in love with a mermaid, but, because sea creatures have no soul, can only marry her if he gets rid of his own. So he cuts his soul from his body, keeps his heart and dives into the depths of the sea kingdom, while his soul, lonely and without a heart, wanders into the world. A year later it returns to the shore, calls the fisherman from the depths and tells him about the wonderful and awe inspiring adventures it has encountered in the world. It promises him the wisdom it has learnt, the wealth it has discovered, but the fisherman is not tempted, because he loves the mermaid endlessly. The third year, the soul entreats him with a wonderful secret and the fisherman can no longer resist, so he sets out on the road with the soul …

For children above 10 years of age.


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