17 September 2013

A hundred years ago when Apollinaire’s The Eleven Thousand Rods was published, there was a scandal: lewd, immoral, disgusting, shouted one side, while the other recognised originality, inventive imagination and extreme boldness. This season, in a cooperation between Mladinsko and Škuc Theatre, Ivan Peternelj put this daring erotic text on stage. Expectations ran high, because the text teems with scenes that even today’s time and contemporary stage wouldn’t take well in a naturalistic staging. But Peternelj conceived The Eleven Thousand Rods as a reading drama on stage, thus giving the actors the entire palette of acting interpretations of the text: there is no lack of humour, the role of actors/readers is at times innocently child-like, at times entertainingly daring and in the end we must say that this is one of those performances that will slightly shock you all the time, make you laugh a lot and prove that the stage is a magical world where pure imagination rules.


Radio Slovenija

7 September 2013

The Eleven Thousand Rods is in a way an omnibus, a narrative journey through a number of sexual fantasies and perversions of unthinkable dimensions. A half-reading performance gives the staging a completely dry, literary frame, filled by the excellent acting quartet. This is the strongest part of the performance, with glib spoken, but also interpretative, mastery of the multitude of words, with the difficult to stage and very graphic descriptions of different sexual practices.

Klemen Markovčič

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