Guillaume Apollinaire

The Eleven Thousand Rods


Director: Ivan Peternelj

Co-production: ŠKUC Theatre and Mladinsko Theatre

Première: 6 September 2013

For viewers of 18 years of age, or older


At the beginning of the 20th century, Paris was considered the city of lights and the city of sin, and Parisian brothels probably attracted more visitors than the Eiffel Tower. The legendary brothels Le Chabanais and La Fleur blanche, and many others were houses where gathered the greatest artists and high-profile politicians of that time.

Apollinaire adored brothels. The journey of his protagonist Mony Vibescu from Bucharest to Paris and from there far to the east through Russia up to Japan seems to be inspired by the interior of some of these famous houses.
The novel The Eleven Thousand Rods was banned quite a few times, and Apollinaire signed it only with his initials “G. A.”.

It is one of those sulphur-smelling books that are being passed from hand to hand like a hot potato by lovers of curiosities. It inspired director Ivan Peternelj and his artistic collaborators who prepared the performance in cooperation with the ŠKUC Theatre production company, with which we have already created an intimate, sensual performance of Pasolini´s Amado mio and a magical performance of Oscar Wilde´s The Fisherman and His Soul.


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