1 April 2014

Varga’s staged, reconstructed backstage is auto-ironic and witty, yet deeply intimate, smoothly provocative and incessantly aware that any (individual or collective) truth is a mere approximate, that a theatre performance is an excellent metaphor for life itself (life of which only partial relicts remain, and never a whole) and that its momentarily enduring matter is bitterly, but proudly, destined to transience. […] And the potentials of an actor that to some have remained unknown until today, come to light.

Zala Dobovšek


2 April 2014

In this project formed as a monodrama that Varga prepared with the Croatian director and author of the entire visual image Natalija Manojlović, he doesn’t merely point a spear outwards, but towards himself as well – by including recorded statements, actually, backstage sound bites from the talks of his fellow actors. Otherwise, his live presence is mostly in dialogue with his recorded image. The video, made by Vinci Vouge Anžlovar, co-creates the project significantly […]

Ana Perne

MMC, TV Slovenija

5 April 2014

In the forefront of this thespian-theatre self-portrait the thespian-theatre ethics thus gets its place […] In the forefront, there is an actor in person, and he narrates and stages his view of theatre and the place of an actor in it, while being aware of the important parallels between theatre and life, between actors on stage and actors in real life. Although in theatrically aestheticised form and with sensitive poetics of many life experiences and accepting life, the actor spares neither his theatre nor himself.

Nika Arhar

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