Dario Varga


The Backstage of Champions

A Theatrical Self-portrait

Director: Natalija Manojlović

Premières: 27 and 29 March 2014


Dario Varga, actor in our theatre since 1989, has created – in collaboration with director and choreographer Natalija Manojlović – an autobiographic theatrical portrait, and he has invited us to the backstage of his artistic creation in theatre, the backstage which has so far remained curtained.

In his words, Backstage of Champions is “a story about the actor who has been dealing with performances through theatre directing or devised theatre projects of various directors for a quarter of a century, but now he wants to create a performance that would deal with an actor. The actor I know the best is me. I have decided to create a performance about my life in the theatre and the backstage of my life in the theatre. Like Hendrik Höfgen says in Mephisto: ´I am only an actor. That is it.´ Therefore, an autobiography on stage. An actor dies when he does not perform, and not when he dies. Maybe this performance will help me escape death.”


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