Socrates, Slavoj and the Sophists

Director: Jure Novak

The text of the performance is a collective endeavour. It is compiled from contributions authored by the actors, the musicians, other collaborators and the director; from fragments of Aristophanes' The Clouds, translated by Svetlana Slapšak; and from adaptations of current media and social media contents … Songs lyrics were written by Incurabili and Jure Novak.

Première: 15 March 2014


This performanceis based on one of the most famous comedies of Aristophanes which supposedly contributed to the execution of Socrates, and is known in English by the title The Clouds. The starting point of director Jure Novak is that the time has come when we have to take sides, because this is a decision against the option and forces whose interest is that we remain undecided. “If revolutions devour their children, do utopias have abortions in advance?” is wondering the director. “Do not believe your students. You have to go alone into the revolution, and with perspective of a suicide, so that you do not await their dictatorship,” is lucid advice of Svetlana Slapšak who is a recognised expert of the ancient world.

The production Socrates, Slavoj and the Sophists is the confrontation with the fact that there is nothing new under the skies. Thus, the politically correct left is only the extension of the right with other means and clearer conscience. Together with what was left of the power of political comedy which in that time allegedly added to the politically fabricated process and the execution of Socrates.


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