Ivan Cankar

Scandal in the Valley of St Florian

Director: Vito Taufer


Today, in the beginning of the 21st century, when a century has long passed since this farce was created, Cankar’s Scandal in the Valley of St Florian remains exciting particularly because of its Dionysian flare and open form, but at the same time its exceptionally precise dissection of the psychopathology of Slovenian everyday life – at the same time the everyday life of Cankar’s space and time and of ours – joined together in the powerlessness of the perverted (neo)liberalism and provincialism. Cankar is our contemporary, because he resounds in our heads with his ethics and aesthetics, because the questions he asks are so fundamental, and the artistic answers he embodies so vivid.

Vito Taufer, the grand master of authorial and living theatre readings of classics, stages Cankar’s “greatest mischief” about the upstanding patriots of St Florian Valley, shocked because of the “scandal” that “crept into the valley”, in the persons of the artist-turned-bandit Peter and his muse, Jacinta, on one hand as pungently realistic and follows the script almost to the letter, and on the other he provides a decisive deviation and gives all roles, bar one, to men, which becomes the “indispensable driving force of the performance” (Zala Dobovšek, Delo), thanks to which “nothing is what it appears to be and is therefore even more like it is” (Sonja Zlobko, Radio Študent).


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