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Director: Vito Taufer

Text based on interviews with anonymous interlocutors

Premieres: 10, 11, 12 January 2013


Together with his artistic collaborators, Vito Taufer has looked into the phenomenon of luck and happiness, which was on the rise in the 1990s in different fields of science, and also in everyday life, as the “happiness industry”, as channelled via different media, promises fast routes to it. In addition to the pseudo-psychological bestsellers with recipes for happiness and a number of topical workshops, the scope of scientific literature about this theme has grown significantly. In the new millennium, there has been a flourishing of positive psychology, dealing with the psychology of the welfare, personal strengths and virtues, hope, gratitude etc.


International studies of satisfaction with life show that Slovenians are always lagging behind when it comes to happiness, while among the “happiest” are the Danes, Canadians, Swiss, Swedes etc. The cultural pluralism among individual media is also interesting; a part of the media still stages the images of traditional, family happiness, while another part already shows the satisfaction of an individual outside of the traditional frame of a heterosexual family couple (for example, happiness of an individual). At the same time we notice, that in the last couple of decades the body has become the basis for an individual's identity and status, with the young perfect body its constructed goal, so that beauty, success and happiness are slowly becoming synonymous.




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