10 February 1998

The staging of Pippi was tackled by the true-and-tested comedic tandem Rozman-Taufer: while the former as the author of the adaptation selected Pippi’s most characteristic and entertaining adventures from her extensive dossier, rhymed them every now and then and turned them into a whole that was begging for a sparkly performance, the latter used his rich experience in directing exactly this type of play to stage a comedy which will leave you gasping for air from laughing so much.

Petra Pogorevc

The creators of the performance, especially Janja Majzelj in the title role, have staged the kind of Pippi we all know and relate to: rollicking, crafty, strong, direct, frank, unusual, cheeky. (...) Pippi is a phenomenal theatrical event, with the scenes rapidly following one another like in a cartoon or slapstick, one more comical and entertaining than the other.

Tadeja Krečič, Radio Slovenia

Pippi is essentially different from Alice, especially in being more communicative (...), extroverted in character; the action, lively and rapid, moves among the audience encouraged by Pippi to cooperate. The direction introduces a number of delightful ideas, mostly based on parody intensifying the character traits to their extremes, be it the slowness of the maid, the stupidity of the police officer or the scene mocking a tragedy, offering us insight into the backstage. (...) Without a doubt, Pippi is bound to be one of those performances for which the audience will never be too young and which fans will watch over and over again.

Matej Bogataj, Razgledi

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