Radio Slovenija

24 April 2007

The Mladinsko ensemble hit the target with the staging of The Mišmaš Bakery. […] Magnificent, but binding. Director Robert Waltl chose colleagues from the Croatian side of the border to collaborate with him on the project, and the most surprising part was the scenography, which created a fairytale mill out of simple wheels. […]

Tomaž Simon


30 April 2007

The legendary hit fairytale has been put on stage for the first time; performed by actors, the members of the Mladinsko ensemble. For more than an hour the stage was filled with lively and excellent acting, movement, attractive, newly composed music, […] and effective scenography. Thus fear of failure was totally unnecessary: the story about the good baker Mišmaš […] created enthusiasm for present and former children. Another hit show is born.

Renata Hrovatič


23 April 2007

The staging of The Mišmaš Bakery […] is lively and witty (a real “mishmash”!), but at the same time disciplined; it enjoys in its own fairytale material and doesn't try to hide who it's intended for: the very youngest audience.

Blaž Lukan

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