Surova stilizacija politike in umetnosti [Crude stylisation of politics and art]
28 May 2011

In her adaptation, Žanina Mirčevska condensed Mann’s Mephisto into a fluid stage material using economic language passed through a filter, and especially with the sharp disclosure of theatre backstage, rising and rotting following the dictates of the governing policy. [...] Mephisto is a performance brutal in its message; however, it doesn’t interfere with the current (theatre) miserable state in a vulgar manner, but rather through a prism of inspiration, which most effectively helps it to dissect the present particularly on a subconscious level – both its perception and its action.

Zala Dobovšek

Radio Slovenija

26 May 2011

Dario Varga in the principal role of the actor and theatre director Hendrik Höfgen embodied his Mephistian mission as a person capable of anything to retain his position. He betrays his convictions, people, impulses, and watches how people around him fall to their death […] With his precise hand, Eduard Miler directed an exceptional performance, and the stage story by Klaus Mann and Žanina Mirčevska can neither be added to nor taken from. It brings pleasure with every look and offers bitter recognitions about the world that was and is.

Tadeja Krečič

TV SLovenija

26 May 2011

This clean, minimalist performance entices with the question about a moral and ethical responsibility of an artist. On an empty stage, filled by the actors’ physical presence, it speaks about career ambitions, and an artist’s painful desire for glory. Although Klaus Mann’s novel is set in the time of the rise of Nazism, its theatre adaptation is lively and universal. [...] The lucid Eduard Miler, no stranger to intellectual awakening of the audience, managed to get the best from every single actor, from those in the smallest roles to the central protagonist, the excellent Dario Varga in the title role of Mephisto. The intense performance with strong acting creations communicates with the time of parvenuism and lies, all for the price of importance and transient glory.

Marjana Ravnjak


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