Matjaž Pograjc

Love to Death

A concert for a chef, six sous-chefs and three washers

Director: Matjaž Pograjc

Opening night: 15. 4. 2007


Forget that the 20th century, as drawn by the French philosopher Alain Badiou, a century of a cruel spirit, a manic desire to turn reality into a new world for the new man. And remember that was a century whose declarations of war on everything were responsible for the production of all sorts on manifestos: communism, revolutions, literature, architecture, painting, music, theatre, and … the kitchen. The futurist kitchen. Please, let’s not forget one fact that the links the avant-garde, the theatre and the kitchen: the futurist kitchen manifesto was created only a year before the manifesto on total theatre.

Today, nobody takes political or artistic avant-garde seriously. Theatre maybe fares slightly better. The one doing really well is the kitchen, taken seriously by most everyone. And the kitchen is the one churning out new and newer manifestos. No longer radical and avant-garde like Marinetti’s was, but instead far more respected and worth considering. From the honourable sisters Felicita Kalinšek and Vendelina Ilc, to the bestsellers of trendy and diet cuisine by Jamie Oliver and Michel Montignac.

If the theatre wants to become something that people will respect and take seriously it has to enter the kitchen. We therefore invite you to join us at the banquet of theatre and kitchen that we have called Love to Death. At a reality show where you will not vote for who should stay or who should go. You will not encounter tomato rice balls, plasticmeat, elasticake,aeromeal, and intuitive antipasto, the new dishes with sonorous names that entranced Marinetti’s circle. What you will witness is a theatre banquet that will bring together representatives of two types of population: homo ludens and homo edens. Both will enjoy the forbidden fruits and taste the gaps between the manifestative and the real.


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