Innocence in Seventy Minutes

Director: András Urbán

For viewers of 16 and over.

Premiere: 10 April 2013


This is director András Urbán’s first assignment in Slovenia. In the last couple of years he's been managing the Kosztolányi Dezső in Subotica, which became the most successful and innovative theatre group in the region. Its performances participate in all the important festivals in Serbia and Hungary, some of them received a number of awards, because they're characterised by freshness of ideas and aesthetics, social engagement and excellent, dedicated acting of its theatre ensemble. Urban's performances of the last years are Brecht – The Hardcore Machine, Dogs and Drugs, Dracula, Marat The Sade etc.

In the performance Love (Innocence in Seventy Minutes) he – together with the actors of the Mladinsko Theatre – turned his attention to love and hate as the fundamental motivational conditions of our spirit and consciousness. “The aspects of violent existence also include the one who tolerates all that. We tolerate the system, civilisation, knowledge. Art is an act we tolerate. A convention is a phenomenon we tolerate. Theatre language is a medium of speech we likewise tolerate. A struggle between different languages is an all-encompassing madness and as such it produces its own heroes and victims. Technocracy is the fundamental moment of the civilisational violence. Information is a disease. Being informed is power. Authority is irrational. Informed authority is a manipulator. Theatre is the language of manipulation … Yet all this is also a part of love. All this is loved. Theatre act is created in the relation between the occurring in a given space and time, and the observer, the spectator. This relationship is an intimate one.” (András Urbán)


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