L. Visconti, S. Cecchi D'Amico and E. Medioli

based on a novel by G. D'Annunzio


L'innocente (Jealousy)

Translated by: Gašper Malej

Directed by: Diego de Brea

Premiere: 12 December 2012


L'Innocente (1976) is the final work of the grand film maker Luchino Visconti. The intimate triangle takes place in the villas of Roman aristocracy where the decor is thoughtfully chosen, in the sensual atmosphere of Italian country palaces, where Visconti’s heroes in luxurious costumes, in their haughty distance from their own emotional worlds, seem to be frozen in time. Visconti made his film based on a novel by Gabriele D'Annunzio, one of the leading authors of decadence and symbolism in Italian literature. And it is this partiality towards decadence and aristocracy that links Diego de Brea and Luchino Visconi; de Brea already faced him in 2006 when he created The Damned on the Mladinsko stage.

The wealthy, attractive, ruthless and arrogant Tullio Hermil is neglecting his pretty wife Giuliana and showers his mistress Teresa, a self-sufficient dowager countess, with his attention. His marriage appears to be a formality until he discovers that he's not the only one in it to have an extra-marital affair. It is the discovery that his wife cheated on him with a young writer that evokes in him love for the so far emotionally neglected Giuliana. The unexpectedly rekindled love for his wife, maybe the only true love he has ever experienced, brings about his decision to pardon her the affair with the young writer who dies soon after. But then he's suddenly struck with the news that Giuliana, who has no children with him, got pregnant by her lover …


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