William Shakespeare

King Lear

Director: Matjaž Berger

Translator: Matej Bor in cooperation with Anuša Sodnik

Premiere: September 2010

Coproduction: Mladinsko Theatre and Anton Podbevšek Teater


King Lear, directed by Matjaž Berger, was first performed in the cellars of the old Klevevž Castle (on an estate near Škocjan); the Ljubljana premiere will take place at the Equestrian Centre of the Košir Estate in Spodnje Gameljne.

The performance is a synthesis of anthropological, physical and energy theatre of the 21st century, and together with his artistic team, Matjaž Berger builds Lear’s “maze” from the preposterous ritual of “dividing the kingdom” to the smallest point in space, Lear’s no-thing.

In his interview for the Ambient magazine the director said about the performance: “The King Lear (...) is a wish from the past. It is Shakespeare's most demanding play and the one that is the most unpredictable to interpret. I'm fascinated by the aesthetics of Lear's initial problem, the division of the kingdom, the paradox of the forced choice and the aesthetics of the emptied world that immediately follows … The performance set on stage in a mediaeval castle in Klevevž will be radical, physical, cruel, and at the same time intimate. We are in a time that doesn’t know passion, and passion always produces life and death, ‘being and nothingness’. And we’re living in a time quite alien to the word ‘honour’. Lear is also a play about honour and dignity. (…) I’m constantly balancing on the line of the ethic and the sublime.”



Cast and Creative Team

King Lear: Pavle Ravnohrib
Goneril: Draga Potočnjak
Regan: Romana Šalehar
Cordelia: Jana Menger
Fool: Ivan Godnič
Earl of Gloucester: Borut Veselko
Earl of Kent: Matej Recer
Edmund, bastard son to Gloucester: Matija Vastl
Edgar, son to Gloucester: Uroš Kaurin

King of France + Knight of Lear’s train + Curan, a courtier + Doctor + Herald: Jure Longyka
Duke of Albany, married to Goneril: Dario Varga
Duke of Cornwall, married to Regan: Uroš Maček
Oswald, stweart to Goneril: Blaž Šef
Letters to Cordelia: Marinka Štern
Mezzosoprano: Irena Yebuah Tiran

Ana Berus
Aša Akoshia Slapnik
Neža Ru Recer

  Show all credits  
  Author: William Shakespeare
Translator: Matej Bor in cooperation with Anuša Sodnik

Director and stage designer: Matjaž Berger
Music: Peter Penko
Costume designer: Alan Hranitelj

Light designer: Simon Žižek
Sound: Jana Rebselj
Video: Gašper Brezovar

Dramaturg: Nina Jerman
Language consultants: Barbara Rogelj, Mateja Dermelj

The performance uses “Letters to Cordelia” fom Søren Kirkegaard's Either/Or, translated by Primož Repar (published by Založba Claritas/Študentska založba, 2003)

Make-up: Nina Urbič, Luka Mirjan Simšič
Stage manager: Jurij Marinšek
Prop master: Mitja Brudar
Wardrobe: Andreja Kovač
Slavica Janošević

Stage hands: Samo Gerečnik, Boris Prevec
Set makers: Mladinsko workshops
Costume makers: Marija Boruta, Minka Špeh, Franjo Tivadar, Nika Zver
Head models: Zoran Srdić Janežič, for Zavod Gulag

Producer: Jasna Dokl Osolnik

Project managers: Andrej Berger – APT
Tibor Mihelič Syed – SMG


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