Georges Feydeau

Going to Pot

Translator: Jana Pavlič

Director: Oliver Frljić

Premiere: 20 November 2012


When Georges Feydeau (1862−1921) died at the age of fifty-eight in a mental institution following the complications of syphilis, the disease of the age, he was, with his almost sixty comedies, considered as one of the best comediographers after Molière. But his vaudeville and farcical machines that reflected the French belle époque in their artful mirrors achieved unbelievable sharpness in his late period. Therefore it is his one-act plays, collected under the title Farces from Family Life that became the subject of admiration of the new century, from the surrealists to the dramatists of the absurd who were searching inspiration in these almost cubist comedy iconographies and somersaults.

In the time when the text in theatre, after the post-dramatic turn, makes its own new way of expressing itself in every new performance, the “theatre terrorist” Oliver Frljić, in the most obvious experimental tradition, decided to research together with the actors the phenomenon of Feydeau's comedy machine that at the same time entertains and cuts into the flesh of the intimacy of the marital and social life. Going to pot (On Purge Bébé!) is a farce in which – unlike in the most works of the comedy master – we don't witness the whirlwind of opening and closing doors, but we remain breathless at his grotesque dissection of consumerist society and the revealed intimacy of conjugal life.



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