Tena Štivičić


Director: Matjaž Pograjc

Opening nights: 27. in 29. 12. 2005


Mila dreams of becoming a star of musical theatre. Right now, she’s just a star of some obscure club in North London, where guests regularly break glasses and pinch the star’s bum. Marko dreams of being a stand-up comedian. For now, he’s a waiter.

Gayle will be a famous artist one day. Temporarily she works with asylum seekers. Tjaša travelled through the entire Europe as a victim of human trafficking. The only thing she’s ever dreamt of was coming to London and finding the one who had once, a while ago, promised her “forever”.

Erik used to be a war correspondent. He survived an explosion in a Bosnian battlefield and toughed the Other side. Today, pleasure is the only purpose and meaning in his life.

They have all come to London searching for something they don’t believe they can find elsewhere. While waiting for the life they want to begin, their lives intertwine at Michi’s club. Here, they find something else; something they’d not expected at all – maturity, or, more precisely, “adulthood”. And the time that they had defined as waiting turns out to be the key moment of their destinies.

Cast and Creative Team

Neda R. Bric - Gayle
Sebastijan Cavazza - Erik
Janja Majzelj - Mila
Marko Mlačnik - Michi
Matej Recer - Marko
Katarina Stegnar - Tjaša
Marinka Štern - Marta
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Tena Štivičić

Lana Dodig

Olga Kacjan

Language consultant:
Barbara Rogelj

Music selected by – entire cast and:
Matjaž Pograjc

Soundscape and atmospheres, sound design:
Silvo Zupančič

Light designer and director of photography:
Miloš Srdić

Light technician:
Tine Bolha

Film director:
Blaž Švent

Dušan Ojdanič

Computer programmer and live-editor:
Jasmin Talundžić

Stage manager:
Mitja Trampuš

Advisor for Norwegian:
Darko Čuden

Advisor for Serbian:
Nena Janković

Advisor for Russian:
Tatjana Komarova

Advisor for Bosnian:
Matea Lajtner

Advisor for Croatian:
Branka Maček

Advisor for Bulgarian:
Marjan Stanić

Runway construction and logic:
Silvo Zupančič

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