SVŠGL – Theatre High School

March 2011

I actually have to admit that I’ve not expected something like that. Something special, yes, but not such an exceptional, interesting, and despite the few roles extremely full and not in the slightest dull performance. I was thrilled with Maruša’s work, and she seemed more than appropriate and mature for this role, and I most respect that she wrote and created everything herself. […] The performance made me laugh, put me in a good mood, and gave me a model to look up to in the future :)

Kristina Žnidaršič

TV Slovenija

9 March 2011

The self-conceived projects of actors usually originate from their eternal desire to be wholesome authors, or at least their own directors. And so Maruša Geymayer-Oblak, in conveying four faces of any actress, or woman, directs herself, the phenomenon of an actress and the profession. […] From the performance we can discern the actress’s reflection on how “being likeable” is one of the distinctive “diseases” of an actor, and that an actor’s body is an instrument of an initiated soul that is the most important thing in the theatre.

Marjana Ravnjak 


Vpogled v proces [Insight into the process]
14 March 2011

If we were to ask what actresses can be, Maruša Geymayer-Oblak offers one possible answer to that in the title of her project Diva Saint Mother Bitch. […] The project with this attention grabbing title doesn’t, however, deal with these roles, we’d sooner say that that the actress incorporates the director’s or any other view into the very staging of the theatre, or acting, process. And she incorporates the spectator, too, by inviting him or her to witness the creation or phases of such work.

Ana Perne

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