Maruša Geymayer-Oblak

Diva saint mother bitch


In her project, Maruša Geymayer-Oblak treats a theme that is close to her, yet distant and unknown to the majority of the spectators who only witness perfected results of a several months of research: the actress and her creative process. Geymayer-Oblak tackles it with a lot of humour, very thoughtfully and with a carefully measured dose of self-deprecation so the spectator is privy to an uncensored insight into the creative intimacy of the artistic profession most closely tied to a collective and “buyers”.

The spectators can thus peek into the backstage, where a process of rehearsals is revealed to them, along with the relationships in theatre, while the witty dialogue is complemented with excellent singing numbers (music by Silence) and video by Dafne Jemeršić, one of the most acclaimed authors of videos and commercials in Slovenia.


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