Georg Büchner

Danton's Death

Directed by: Jernej Lorenci

Co-production of Mladinsko Theatre and Ptuj City Theatre
The project is a part of European Capital of Culture program


Danton’s Death, Lenz, Leonce and Lena, Woyzeck. A thrillingly important and contemporary literary legacy for a politically engaged natural scientist Georg Büchner, who didn’t even live twenty-five years.

Danton's Death (1835) is not just a drama about the French revolution and a confrontation between Danton and Robespierre, but above all a drama about the eternal and never totally solved questions about life, moral, meaning, and ethics. “A man cannot interfere with the course of history, a man becomes a foam on billows, a toy,” wrote Büchner in one of his letters to his fiancée Wilhelmine Jeagle.

Jernej Lorenci understands Büchner’s writing as a drama about the incapability of the revolution, about the anti-revolution of each revolution, about the revolution’s blood and the insatiability of this blood, about the doubt in progress, evolution, history.


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