Sarah Kane


Director: Vito Taufer


Sarah Kane's theatre of cruelty speaks the unspeakable. In theatre and through theatre, it attempts to speak about wounds that, in the world of simulacra and the hyper production of the media parallel realities, witness that we are the subjects of the real here and now. Vito Taufer, who has entered the audience's memory through an incredibly complex opus of dialogues with a wide spectrum of playwrights, now places two male and two female actors into a stage composition: as crave for acting and life that they embody in the ultimate pureness of the stage.  

Cast and creative team

Neda R. Bric - M
Matej Recer - A
Boris Kos - B
Janja Majzelj - C
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Sarah Kane

Katja Kosi

Jera Ivanc

Language consultant
Kim Komljanec

Stage designer:
Viktor Bernik

Costume designer:
Barbara Podlogar


Rosana Hribar,
Gregor Luštek

DJ JAMirko

Sound designer:

Silvo Zupančič

Light designer:
Matjaž Brišar

Stage manager:
Janez Pavlovčič

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